Friday, November 27, 2015

The Airfryer...My Latest Toy I no longer consume oil, it doesn't mean that I don't miss fried food.  Sure, one can accomplish a decent "fried" affect using the oven, but that is so last season.

I present you with the Airfryer.

The advertisement for this little gem states that it can fry, bake, grill and roast food using a tablespoon or less of oil.  However, after learning that many in the whole-food, plant-based, oil-free community are successfully using this machine using no oil at all, I had to give it a go myself.

I picked up the Philips Airfryer on Amazon for just under $200

So far, I have had success making fries, curly fries and onion rings (recipes to come).  It also does an excellent job on frozen food that typically call for frying - things like tater tots and vegetable rolls.  I wouldn't say the results exactly mirror those of traditional frying, but it's pretty close.

I appreciate the adjustable temperature (up to 390 degrees) and timing controls (up to 30 minutes).  It takes a mere three minutes to heat up and you can simply add those minutes to your cooking time.  It also cooks at a fraction of the oven time, a mere 10 minutes for curly fries, 15-20 minutes for traditional fries.  The basket is rather large (1.8 lb. capacity) and can easily hold enough servings for two people.  It's non-stick surface and removable fryer basket makes clean-up effortless, both of which are dishwasher safe.

I have found that the key to frying is not packing too much into the basket as well as tossing the food during cooking.

This would make a most excellent stocking stuffer for the oil-free lover in your life.

Ho, Ho, Ho!


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  2. Did you get round to any recipes?

  3. No recipes, since I've pretty much just cooked one ingredient at a time. But I am about to try making veggie rolls, if that works out, I'll post the recipe. :)