Sunday, November 22, 2015

Doc: Bethany's Story Bethany was a 13-year-old girl who had become paralyzed by a bad reaction to medication and was told she would never walk again.  Refusing to accept that, she set out on her own to research a cure.  That lead her to try a vegan, raw food diet and  after a few months Bethany completely recovered from her paralysis and got out of her wheelchair.  This doc takes an anecdotal look at the power of food as medicine and the inspiration that is Bethany. 
Dr. Greger makes a surprise appearance in this doc.  Nice to see his face while he's talking.  ;)  Barnard makes an appearance too among other whole-food advocates.

Check it out!

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  1. The thing that disturbs me is that the role of food is considered secondary by the medical community. Changing to a whole food plant based diet will not do any harm so there is no risk in eating healthy. I suggest that diet is a critical part of the healing process. There is also a place for modern medicine. If I am unconscious on the highway from an automobile accident, I want to be transported to a hospital for treatment. Too often treatment for chronic medical conditions is a drug that only treats the symptoms and not the cause.