Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mini Beans To The Rescue!

Recently, I embarked on a road trip in which I had zero control over the food that was served.  Being no stranger to fending for my vegan-self, I packed rations of food to sustain my travels.

While shopping for provisions, I came across a new product from Bush's Baked Beans.  In actuality, the beans are the same - Vegetarian Baked Beans (technically vegan – you say potato, I say…).  What's new is the smaller, snack pack size - 8.3 oz. vs. the traditional 28 oz. - it’s super cute!  Coming equipped with a convenient pop-top lid, this self-stable food can travel anywhere – no fuss no muss.

I could have easily eaten these beans alone, as cold baked beans are not as bad as it sounds, especially when left with little else to choose from.

Instead, I poured them on top of the rather meager salads I received (never trust a non-vegan to make a vegan salad), which turned out quite well.  The beans packed a fiber & protein punch, while the tangy brown sugar sauce doubled as a salad dressing.

These cute little cans are so convenient to travel with, that they are now a staple on my grocery list.  Just don't try to take them on a plane - or do and let me know how it goes!

Keep It Healthy!

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