Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Latest Toy: Mini Food Processor


Hopefully, you're familiar with this legendary line from Despicable Me.  If not, indulge me for 39 seconds.

That's the level of excitement that I am currently experiencing over my new FUCHSIA Cuisinart Mini Food Processor!!!

Why do I love it so?  Because it's the same color as my hair - yeah that's right, I have pink hair - it makes me happy.

That and with the three cup capability, I can make lots of yummy things that are too small to justify dragging out its much larger mother.

I have been making all kinds of dressings, sauces and dips since I got it!  It chops, it grinds, it purées, it emulsifies, it blends.  It's also super cute!

Don't have fuchsia hair?  It's all good, this cute little gadget comes in a whole rainbow of colors from orange to purple - pick your poison!  I got my mini food processor from Amazon for $40 bucks!

I'd go into more details, but my new awesome chopper is not actually the intended focus of this post.  It's incitement.

Typically, it's a new recipe or a trying a new vegetable that gets me pumped about cooking.  This time it was simply getting an everyday appliance in a color that makes me happy, happy that has led to an avalanche of meal ideas.  

I encourage you incorporate something into your kitchen that gets you excited to cook, whenever things get monotonous.  Paint the walls, get new plates, anything that brings a smile to your face - just because.  Eying a pink colander, but already have one?  Who cares, get it anyway!

And don't stop at the kitchen, look at other areas in your life in which you feel like you're stuck in a rut.  Surround yourself with things that make you happy, because you only get one go around in life and it might as well be fun!

Get Excited!
The Hoff

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