Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lazy Ox Farm

If you're looking to grow a garden this year and want well-established plants to start with, I highly recommend the Lazy Ox Farm!

I found this farm on Local Harvest, where I do all my online Farmer's Market shopping.

I had purchased strawberry plants from another farm (Destiny Farm) and they arrived well before I could plant them.  They also arrived in an unmarked box, with no packing material, no invoice and no care instructions.  No thank you for purchase!!!!  I enjoy the little hand written note, most farmers on this site provide, makes me feel like I'm in Mayberry.

The rather small plants looked as if they were pulled from the ground and were swimming in wood chips.  The plants were thrown into a ziplock bag.  Needless to say, all 20 plants died.

My experience with Lazy Ox Farm was the complete opposite.  While I had ordered the plants a month prior, the farmer informed me that they would not ship until May 16 (when it was feasible to plant - I like that).  Two days later, they were on my doorstep!

Plants arrived individually wrapped, each in their own planter box and all labeled.  Care instructions were also provided as well as individual descriptions of each plant variety.

Plants were well-established, all around 7" tall (that's more impressive than anything I've seen at a local greenhouse).

From the email correspondence through to the careful delivery, you get a genuine feeling that this farm takes great pride in their work and truly cares for their customers.

Lazy Ox offers a large variety of plants: from tomatoes, to peppers, to a variety of herbs, squash, eggplant...too many to mention.  I picked myself up some lemon basil (the smell is pure heaven), oregano, garlic chives and cherry tomatoes.  If you're wondering, they don't offer strawberry plants (sigh) - hence my unfortunate incident.

Not into plants?  They also sell seeds.

I am now a Lazy Ox Farm customer for life - I hope you consider them for your gardening needs as well.

Here's to the little farmer in all of us!
The Hoff

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  1. I just received my first order from Lazy Ox Farm and like you I will definitely order from them again. My plants arrived quickly (2 days) and were in great shape. The customer service was fantastic. I received an email from a real person in addition to the automated email to let me know that my order had been received and would be shipped that day.