Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cleveland Business: Cinnamon is Good for You

While celebrating Earth Day at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo a few weeks ago, I met Debbie Moskowitz, owner/operator of Cinnamon is Good For You.

Aside from being a pretty cool chick and entrepreneur, Debbie is also a Cleveland pastry chef, specializing in vegan truffles.  She uses organic ingredients from around the world, paired with local foods to create her specialized sweets.

Check out these unique flavors: Raspberry, Chai, Maca Root, Coconut, Lavender and Matcha tea

Having tried her goodies myself, I can attest that they are delectable, delicious and delightful!  I really like that they are made with only a few pure ingredients (about seven, give or take a few).

So if you treasure truffles as I do and want to try some with a vegan flare, check out Cinnamon is Good For You!

Say that The Healthy Hoff sent you, there's nothing in it for you, but I'd appreciate the shout out.

Bon Appetit!
The Hoff

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