Friday, July 21, 2017

Not Going Anywhere Without My Rothy's!
I’m in love!

I know, I know, I say that a lot.  But, I fall hard for things that make me happy, happy and this time, I’m crushing hard for Rothy’s!  

What are Rothy’s you ask?  

Allow me to introduce the new love of your life…

Rothy’s is a vegan, comfort, stylish shoe line hailing from San Francisco.

The more I learn about this brand, this company, the more I fall in love!
  1. Vegan - what’s not to love?
  2. Comfortable – 3-D knit technology means no seams, no rubbing, no blisters – just happy feet!
  3. Stylish! Two styles are available the classic ballet flat & the pointy toe flat - each amazing!
  4. Vibrant & colorful – they are constantly introducing new, fun colors & patterns
  5. Recycled! These shoes are seriously made from recycled plastic water bottles and when they’ve given their all, you can return them back to the company to be recycled!  Be a part of the solution, not the problem.
  6. Machine washable – personally, I have never felt the need to wash a pair of shoes, except for the odd tennis shoe, but after reading horror stories of people spilling coffee or landing in a stray puddle, I’m relieved these babies can be brought back to life on the gentle cycle.
  7. Free Shipping/Free Returns – quite possible my four favorite words after vegan…

If I haven’t convinced you that these babies NEED to be in your fashionable wardrobe, maybe this will.

I jumped for the classic black pointy with white racing stripe (well that's what I call it) & "the look at me" hot pink ballet flat.  I love them both and I'm itching for more!  I feel a sassy red in my future...

I did feel the need to size up a half size with the pointy style, whereas the ballet fit true to size - this is not the norm for me with other brands.  I do however, like to add an additional sole insert, which was causing some cramping, but again, no issues doing that with the rounded toe.

Yes, they are pricey coming in at $125 - $145, but they hand assembled, resulting in high quality & durability.  You are helping to get over 500,000 stray water bottles off the streets!  These shoes have serious, sophisticated style while feeling like you're wearing slippers - slippers!  And, well, they are 100% vegan - vegans know you have to shell out a little extra coin to support companies who are doing the right thing.

Are you dying for your first pair?  Get $20 off now!

Tell them the Hoff sent you (not really, they have no idea who I am)

Keep it healthy & stylish!

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