Friday, October 28, 2016

Ghirardelli - What The Hell Did You Do?!?

Dear Ghirardelli,

I have been a faithful and loyal customer since becoming vegan many years ago and discovering that your Semi-Sweet Premium Baking Chips were "accidentally" vegan.  We were such a devoted household that should we get below two bags at any given time, we would freak out and make a special trip to the store just to stock up in case of an "emergency."

So, imagine my shock & horror when upon our most recent stock-up trip, that I discovered that you've changed the recipe to now include, whole milk powder!  What the hell Ghirardelli!?!?!

You had a great product that vegans could use - I've even sited your Semi-Sweet Chips in several of the recipes on this blog, but now you've alienated 1 million of us!*

Here's just a taste of our bitter disappointment.

If you'd like Ghirardelli to return to their dairy-free recipe, let them know!

This is a sad, sad day for the vegan and chocolate communities and I hope with all sincerity, that you go back to the old recipe and stop messing with a good thing.

Until then, you are dead to me.

P.S. Healthy Hoffer's - do not fret, Enjoy Life has our vegan & dairy allergy backs - with their line of dairy-free baking chocolate!  Whether you need dark chocolate morsels, mini chips, or mega chunks - their dairy-free, casein-free, non-gmo, vegan certified products deliver the real deal.  I just scored a 5 lb. bag from AmazonCome to think of it, this may have been a blessing in disguise.  Adios Ghirardelli!


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