Friday, July 8, 2016

You Need A Wet Brush STAT!

Do you have a wet brush?


Stop reading and go buy one.

Oh, you need a little more info?

OK - here we go...

A wet brush is this magical new invention in which an ordinary looking brush is able to effortlessly glide through wet hair..

No yanking
No pulling
No expletives

Witchcraft you say!

No craft here, but it is magical.  The super soft and flexible bristles (some patented, technical tech stuff) allow the brush to effortlessly glide through straight out of the shower or towel dried hair, allowing you to evenly distribute hair products or simply get that tangled mess under control. To be fair the first glide is not completely effortless, there is some resistance to tangles, but after that, its smooth sailing...

I'm so in love with this brush that I even replaced my regular brush and use it on dry hair (like convertible, wind tunnel, whipped hair).  I love it so much, I don't even want to leave town without it, so I just picked up the pop and fold version for travel. (Snatch this one from the Wet Brush site for free shipping, because Amazon is charging a ridiculous amount!)

Got kids? You need this brush!

Got hair? You NEED this brush!

Where to get...

I picked mine up at my favorite place in the world - Amazon for a mere 9 bucks (ahem, free shipping for the regular brush).

Are you ready for healthier hair with no tangles, no split ends, less breakage and no swearing?

Check it out!

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