Sunday, January 3, 2016

In-flight Meal - Vegan Style Part 2

In "In-flight Meal - Vegan Style", I went very in depth about what I bring to sustain my voracious, vegan appetite during an airplane flight.  Great list of things to bring on your flight out, but what if you're round tripping it?  Sure, you can rely on a bunch of processed, prepackaged nibbles, but recently, I took this one step further...

On the day before my flight left, I hit up a local supermarket's grab-and-go counter.  To my delight, but not really surprise, there waiting for me was vegan sushi in a convenient travel container - perfect fit for my carry-on.  And with it, a little soy sauce and pickled ginger.  To my surprise, a bonus find of one of my personal favs - seaweed salad (very nutrient dense). I just had to be sure to grab a plastic fork from the in-store cafe on my way out.  I always request a room with a mini fridge, so storage was no problem.  The trick is to remember to grab everything as you're bolting to your plane the next morning.

I have since done this many times - hitting up Whole Foods or the local grocers depending on where I am.  The stress of making mad dash through the airport for vegan scraps prior to boarding is gone!  I love indulging on my fresh grab-and-go vegan finds and typically, my neighboring fellow travelers look on with envy as their questionable in-flight meals are served.

A little prep does a mind, body & spirit good...

Healthy travels!

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