Monday, August 4, 2014

Fig & Brazil Nut Snack

Hey Healthy Hoffers!

My post about my trying RawTill4 has generated a lot of interest.  I have been contacted by a lot of you wanting to know what I'm eating.  So to help you out, I have created a new category called...RawTill4; where I will be posting raw recipes, inspirations, tips & tricks and whatever else I come across. 

Today, I share with you one of my fav snacky snacks!

Pictured above is a snack that I love to have when figs come into season (June-October).  Check out my post Finicky Fantastical Fresh Figs to get more info on dealing with these delicious wonders. 

I simply wash and chop each  in half and then pair with a handful of raw Brazil Nuts.  It's a super quick and tasty snack that is RawTill4 compliant!


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