Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wynn's 5 Step Cut

You're probably asking yourself, why is a Holistic Health & Wellness blog writing about a haircut?

Well, because I searched the internet high & low to figure out just what was the "5 Step" Cut at the Wynn's Las Vegas Salon and came up with zero, zilch, nada.  So, I was forced to experience it for myself and well I feel it's my duty to help my fellow sisters out in their eternal search for awesome hair.

Now, why was the Healthy Hoff at the Wynn in the first place?  That I can tie back to this blog.  Steve Wynn (owns the Wynn) is vegan and as such he has mandated that all of his restaurants offer a vegan menu.  I'm not talking one or two items that can be made vegan; all of his restaurants have at least a one page menu dedicated to all things vegan!  Plus, he has trained the staff to understand just what vegan means.  Beyond that, before ordering, you are asked if there are any food allergies and if you say yes, you get a personal consult with the chef!  So, when I go to Vegas, I stay at the Wynn because I don't have to conduct the typical internet search to determine just where I'm going to get my three meals a day and that is a vacation in of itself.  Check out what I ate the last time I was there...

Back to this haircut...

I don't gamble, but my boyfriend does and we were in Vegas for his birthday.  So as a special gift to him, I take one day of sacrifice and hit the Wynn Spa, so he can hit the tables or whatever it is that gamblers do.  This year, I decided to take a peek at what the Wynn Salon had to offer.  And this is when I came across this...

From $230
Claude Baruk’s innovative “5 Step” cutting
method creates an easy-to-maintain style
specifically designed for you and your lifestyle. 

I was intrigued.  The only time I shell out this type of cash for my hair, I'm getting cut, style & a three-color process (mind you, I live in Ohio). Since, I couldn't find any additional info on what exactly this entailed, I bit the bullet and booked an appointment.  

To start off, I got a full 360 consultation on every inch of my hair - that was nice and something no other salon has done.  I figured that was Step 1 - impressive.  Onto the hair washing, feet up, head back, a thorough hair washing and a very, very nice neck massage - Step 2?  Back to the chair to start cutting. That's when I inquired as to what the "5 Steps" of this innovative process were.  At this point, I had assumed we were at Step 3 and I was anxious to learn what Step 4 & 5 would bring.

I kid you not, with a 100% sincerity this chick tells me that the "5 Step" process involves sectioning off the hair into 5 parts and cutting each separately.

Step 1 - Right Side
Step 2 - Left Side
Step 3 - Front
Step 4 - Back
Step 5 - Crown

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?

That's called a quality haircut from anyone who ever went to beauty school!

The only place I wouldn't expect that from would be Best Cuts and since I've never been there, I probably shouldn't throw them under the bus, because for all I know, they do the "5 Step Cut" too!

I will say that how they blow out the hair is cool.  If you opt for "body," which I advise you do, they brush out the hair with a large barrel round brush and then wrap each section of hair in the brush and let it sit until all your hair is done  - imagine about 7 brushes sticking out of your head. The process itself looks a little scary but the results are phenomenal! 

So, I looked amazing walking out of the salon.  I felt amazing for a few days, then I washed my hair and I was back to nothing all that special.  My expectation for going was to get a cut that complimented my face, my hair type, etc. The cut I got was nothing I haven't gotten before for much, much, much less. 

My advice, get the blowout, skip the haircut.

My duty fulfilled, now you decide if a haircut is worth $230!

P.S. Due to the length of my hair, the price went up to $245.

The Amazing Fleeting Results...


  1. So glad you posted this! I am gong to Vegas next week and staying at the Wynn. Was wondering if the 5 step cut was something special. I usually get my hair done at MGM. I think I will keep my appointment at Cristophe. Thanks!

  2. Dear Hoff
    I am Claude Baruk
    I would like to apologize for the inconvenience. I am so sorry is not the 5 step cut that you have received.
    I would be very happy to receive you for your next trip in Vegas to give you full satisfaction and invite you at the salon for a real 5 step cut. Ask directly to be book with me.
    Thanks for your fedback .

  3. That photo of you after your blow-out is priceless! I have seen it on

    1. LOL - thank you! :)Still hands down the best blow-out my hair has experienced. Now I want to go back to Vegas!