Monday, February 10, 2014

Ask The Hoff: Kiwi Skin Edible?

Hey Healthy Hoff!

Can I eat that furry skin on a kiwi? It's such a pain to peel those things.

Kiwi Lover

What's up Kiwi Lover!

Yes, that furry brown skin IS edible.  Just cut off the nubby ends and either slice or eat like you would an apple.  Be sure to wash first. 

While the skin is full of fiber and nutrients, that skin creeps me out (I have texture issues)!  So for me, I cut one end off, place the kiwi on that end then use the other nubby end to steady the fruit as I slice the skin off in downward sawing motion with a paring knife - then slice of chump.  No slipping, no fur!

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