Friday, June 25, 2021

Tacos & Steamed Veggies, Oh My!

I got some new toys recently to simply make my life easier.

The first is what I had considered an indulgent or gimmick type of purchase, but after using it, I now consider it a MUST HAVE for Taco Tuesday.

A Taco Holder.

This simple, unassuming gadget is absolutely necessary to have a successful taco night! Ok, ok, that’s a bit of a stretch, I mean, I’ve been eating tacos successfully for years without one, but it makes life so much easier! No more falling over tacos, no fillings spilling out, no wrestling to make your taco.  These holders make life so much easier and isn’t that what true happiness is about? I think a headache free taco dinner is worth $8.99, don't you?

The second toy was an unexpected find. After getting back into healthier eating, I was at a lose for how to steam my vegetables. Yes, I know how to steam them, but the thought of bringing a big pot of water to boil felt tedious and steaming in my Instant Pot, makes my veggies too mushy.

Then this baby came into my life, the Microwave collapsible steamer!

I am a sucker for a collapsible anything and it’s BPA free and it comes in my favorite color, black! The bowl, lid and even the strainer is rubber, so it’s super light weight and easy peasy to clean.

Just add a bit of water, lay your veggies out, place the lid, nuke for 3-5 minutes and you’re eating!

For $23.99, I might buy another just for travel!

Keep it healthy!

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