Monday, January 14, 2013

Feeling Sick? Eat This!

At the first signs of a cold, chow down on a piece of Raw Garlic daily until you're 100% again. 

Garlic is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.  Skip the MD and look to Garlic as a natural anti-biotic; one that your body will never grow resistant to - isn't Mother Nature awesome?!? 

In its raw form, these properties are mighty powerful.  So powerful, that Raw Garlic could even put the smack down on the flu!

But, it must be raw - while cooked Garlic does have some redeeming qualities, the heat from the cooking process breaks down the properties you need to kick your cold's ass.

Start small, Raw Garlic is very, very potent!  Trust me on this; don't try to be a hero.  Just test out a small clove to find out how it will immediately affect you.  Chew it fast & don't let it linger, because it's going to burn your mouth, your esophagus and your tummy - this too shall pass.  Don't swallow whole - you need to break down the Garlic in order to create the chemical reaction that releases allicin, a powerful antibacterial found in Raw Garlic.

It's best not to consume Raw Garlic on an empty stomach.  I usually chase it down with a glass of H2O.  You can also try combining minced Garlic with Honey to make it more palatable.

If you can do it, Raw Garlic can not only shorten the duration of your cold/flu, it could even extinguish it before it gets a chance to take you down.

Keep it Healthy!
The Hoff

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